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Organize and control entity-based digital systems with EntityScript™

EntityScript™ is an extensible, user-defined, and key-based metaclass organizing framework for entity-based systems.

You start with basic ideas about how you want to interact with a machine and then you use EntityScript™ and your favorite programming language to make it happen. Extension components are built into the software that are key-based, and these keys allow you to organize your ideas into "naturally occuring structures" similar to the way you're already thinking. Once your ideas are modeled into EntityScript™, your ability to access, alter, and destroy related content is amplified to levels that are only limited by your imagination. You'll have the ability to define and then forget many data-oriented storage tasks weighing down your brain, freeing you up for more creative efforts and real-world human iteractions.

Each person that uses EntityScript™ has a unique way of modeling and extending their ideas. You can also use Entities™ that are already designed by others for specific purposes. These structures are available at CORE.HOST™ - ENTITY.

Lastly, the language is semantically backwards compatible to existing database engines and most traditional spreadsheets. This means that the power is there to go far beyond mapping out your next idea, and to go deep into the past to modernize your data-structures into action-oriented processor-ready pieces. Processor-ready power is the power to automate any task that you generate with a EntityScript™ template by default.

This document is an evolving overview of the presented format and what it will help you achieve.

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