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Section 1: Release Details

EntityScript™ is a semantic memory fabric for human-to-machine iteractions, but there are ways of using it with programming languages to accomplish real-world objectives.

The first effort to do this was a conceptual program called the Cognitive Operations Resource Enclave™, or C.ORE™.

About the evolving C.ORE™ software package:

Draft Version 1.0 - Released 10/01/2020

Draft Version 1.1 - Released 10/01/2021

Draft Version 1.2 - Released 03/11/2023

Prior Versions:

Copyright © 2014-2020 Ryan McKenna

Current Version:

Copyright © 2020 New Entity Operations Inc.


Copyright © 2020-2023 New Entity Operations Inc. All Rights Reserved

Section 2: changelog

The effort to bring the project into existence was done by a very small team at first. The project will gain more clarity with each iteration, but it will remain a targeted team-effort. Similar to any rolling release long-term focused project, you'll gradually be able to get more functional use from the site and software. Here is a brief summary about changes being made on the site and with the project.


* Continued to improve the UI, meta-data of the site, and overall functionality - including site readability

* The site is now in Draft 1.2. These are public-drafts, so no spell-checking was done at all. Basic grammar changes were made, but a full revised version has not been completed. The 'Revised' version will be 'print ready' - something that could go into a textbook and be sold, but the objective has been to continue to improve each draft until there is an official concept in a Beta-release format. With each draft there will be less and less spelling, punctuation, and grammar problems. That's why it's a draft and the methodology of improving this site is like a working public-journal. When the publication hits a 'Revised' status, all of these attributes will be considered in detail, but worrying about certain things too soon would've hurt the organic growth of the project. For now, the main point is conceptual clarity and improving that as much as possible in each Draft version. This means we're starting to consider continuing to improve the site sections and improving their clarity.

* A schedule was made for Draft 1.3. So far there has been 3 draft versions. 1.0, 1.1, and the current version - Draft 1.2. The point of these drafts was getting all the required components of self-publishing the concept into place. Most of those efforts are now complete. 1.3 will bring forward various improvements to EntityScript™ that include additional examples, improved readability, and more. Code changes will not be present until Draft 2.0 and 1.4 and 1.5 are both planned before we move into 2.0. After 2.0 exists for 6 months, we'll roll out the 'Revised' version of EntityScript™. That version will be considered a Beta. The code for C.ORE™ has been overhauled significantly since 2020 so much of the initial code has been modified in function although it still holds a similar form.


* Implemented navigation improvements. We're gradually upgrading the UI tech to present the concept to get it 100% correct (or as correct as possible). The project will be in a BETA around Draft 1.4.

* The intial version was a 'draft' meaning it was presented in a long form layout that was only partially ready for full-review, but looked to capture the essence of the project. This essence is protected by a registered copyright in the United States of America and additional drafts will also be protected selectively. This process is moving forward according to plan, and a large-scale edit is currently underwar to prepare the 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 drafts into a Beta ready manuscript. Some edits have started to happen and they will continue over 2023.

* Getting ready for the version 2.0 general-release is the priority right now. Part of this effort is formatting the site for meta-releted discovery, improving readability and easy of use, among other things. Additional improvements are reflected by general enhancements to the speed and performance of the site. Because we want to maintain copyright of the site according to law, all efforts done on the site are human-produced and without machine modification. Therefore, some elements may seem "off" and that may definitely be so, but those elements will eventually be fixed by a human.

* Put back up the preliminary draft CODE but it now has a key-system attached to it for anything beyond the draft 1.0 work.

* Made VERY minor edits to improve accessibility of the site. An entirely edited version 2.0 website will be up by June 1st 2023. This version will improve conceptual clarity, code, and context. Also, some diagrams will be added for better understanding EntityScript™.


* Implemented navigation improvements

* Implemented improved code-styling

* Made certain scripts available for download and personal use trial.


* Moved additional code sections to preview: core_FRONTEND, core_gatekeeper, core_gather, core_hash


* Basic navigation improvements


* Improved mobile-site navigation

10/01/2020: Version 1

Production branch

Includes various format release details and a general index-based web site.

* A finalized and documented library has been prepared for publishing on this website. Each of the needed parts are now complete for the general Version 1 details to be released. For now, we put up each section and will continue to add in those details about the language and post some code too.

* Increased general code clarity and quality through a full and final initial refactoring. Added additional introduction details for each module that EntityScript™ interacts with on CORE.HOST™.

* Added a omission schedule that follows this convention.

Omission Schedule

* at the start of a line means a single release related detail will follow. No * at the end of the line or area means it's not a site queue yielding any specific information other than what's described. There are more expansive details, such as 'RUN/START COMMAND COMING IN Version X'. There are two others: 'DETAILS coming Version X' to say that the details of what is being talked about in the omitted text will be there in a specific Version mentioned or not at all depending on what's decided, and 'commands coming with Version X' to signify general common types of omissions related to in use commands. These commands are covered more next.

* at the start of an area followed by a * yielding one of the conventions from above will show that those omissions mean that. This will only occur when the whole omission area matches the convention. In most instances an omission is there because the status of that part in the next Version is still in question or in the process of changing.

*** anywhere means something has been omitted for an unspecified reason.

***** anywhere means something has been partially removed for an unspecified reason.

03/10/2020: Pre 1.0 Summary Version

Production branch

No public details are available before this point.

Includes the following fixes:

* Formatting includes structure changes and added startup automation routines

* Added front-end logic to middle-layer scripts in one common and modular interface. The interface now has emulated backend support tied to a search function

* Unified .entity language features into a finalized format

* Unified library language and form to meet a common set of behavior and layout

* Made cross platform

Section 3: devnotes

There are 3 types of branches. They are:

1.) Production branch: at this stage code or concepts have been published

2.) Development branch: at this stage code or concepts may be discussed but are still private

3.) Lab branch: first stage, private builds by default

Before 03/10/2020

09/01/2019: Alpha Branch, Version 0.6

Development branch

* Working format for hashed .entity files on test web server

* All initial "C.ORE" modules have been constructed: _gather, _add, _server, _operations, _FRONTEND

* Public code and language details release schedule planned. Version 1 schedule set.

* OS release schedule planned. Version 1 schedule set.

* Added public/private/hybrid support for optional hidden/public posts in the publishing system.

* Added key-based user organizing system commands. Utilizes older "New Entity I/O" system syntax.

08/01/2018: Experiment Build, Version 0.5

Development branch

* Implemented the .ds/.es/.entity relationship structure. Allows for easily configuring the rest of the IPDVC™. Keeps the state in a safer and more manageable place.

* Fully integrated .dugout/*

* "New Entity I/O" system commands have been stripped to the logic and rewritten. The new controllers are ready for redeployment into a application.

08/01/2017: Experiment Build, Version 0.4

Development branch

* .dugout files introduced

08/01/2016: Experiment Build, Version 0.3

Lab branch

* Converted the generation 1 scripts into a common implementation language.

* .es (EntityScript™) files were added to act as staged i/o data slugs. This allows .ds sheets to populate various visual space with a read-only safe attribute

08/01/2015: Experiment Build, Version 0.2

Lab branch

* Put in place preliminary formats for the IPDVC™ code

* Basic logic to integrate the Access Identity Ring (AIR) Entertainment Platform (AirEP™) into one frontend package

* Added preliminary structure to the interface by linking in various standardized data formats and modules

* experimenting with a .ds and .entity module-based framework. Early design.

08/01/2014: Experiment Build, Version 0.1

Lab branch

* No stable data model exists with the needed read protections without implementing often difficult to understand software. Under various criteria this isn't an option, so a format and operations system to do this properly and also act as a general system interface tool was built.

* block builder code is completed. add, edit, delete, shift functions are implemented with enough utility to form and execute various system functions.

You can also visit the library