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CORE.HOST™ allows you to create an access point for a variety of connection types with your peers. This includes text-chats, video-chat, data-sharing through .git or a file-server, and rooms. These RTC activities are complex and sometimes if you're creating an open-access forum it may be a good idea to add a disclaimer to your instance. This disclaimer can set a default ruleset for RTC moderation and set the tone of your instances. It can also set clear standards about what age group the instance is for or provide details about copyright of the data being provided. You can setup a standard EntityScript™ template and provide it to your instance as a default disclaimer.

Instance Disclamers set the tone of your endpoint

Best Practices: Provide and Instance Disclaimer and setup Instance Alerts for clear violations.

It may be wise to post some sort of disclaimer tag for your instance. These can be adhoc or legally vetted. We don't control your disclaimer but will provide a few default ones to use.

Here is an example for a community that shares their digital-art with each other to gain insight into how they can improve:

So there you have it, an example disclaimer. It'll be up to you to edit the example and no claim will be made to the effectiveness or usefulness of any that we provide. Disclaimers aren't really enforceable but they can help with community focus.

The example here is to get you thinking about providing an off the bat way to tell others what you expect in an instance that you're operating. Instances without disclaimers won't be indexed.

When the public packages are made available to you, you'll be to find some more disclaimers available among other items in Additional Resources