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Social Pledge

Often times in a public-forum the parties that participate aren't alligned socially or politically. This can create tension, especially on topics such as gender, sexuality, or even religion. For these reasons, it's best to provide a social pledge upfront if you want to make the instance have some sort of moral compass. If you don't have one, people will find it annoying if you try to preach what view is right and wrong while they're interacting with your space.

A Social Pledge can help allign your instances expectations

Social Pledg ideas and guidelines:

If you don't provide a social pledge, others will not honor your ideas about what is appropriate social behavior when it exists only in a previously unspoken or unstated format. If you think it's important to acknowledge certain items of order, make sure to state them clearly beforehand

Here is a social pledge example of an instance that wants to promote social tolerance while also providing a way for people to understand world history from a classical perspective. That is, a fact-based objective overview of past events.

So that's an example, but it could get way more detailed if you wanted and although social pledges aren't legally binding, they can be help define social behavior within your instance. This can be anything really. You can add an additional layer of expectations for instance visitors by also including some sort of instance disclaimer.

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