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EntityScript™ allows you to create or even locate communities adhering to default moderation standards.

You can be funny, cool, and trending while still enforcing moderation

If you're hosting content or streaming, make sure that you have considered the idea of moderation. You are required to moderate your own instance, not us. If you're allowing posts - you should put a moderation disclaimer up so you can remove people without recourse.

Here is an example of someone that does a live-stream every night at 7PM that's become popular but the content is considered to be 'edgy'

So here it is, a real example of terms from John Smackalots that has an edgy stream. Since EntityScript™ allows instance hosts to block people under a certain reputation level, someone can't just create a new idenitty and be allowed in if there are basic measures taken to prevent this tactic. Even though this guy wears a fake wig and beard during the stream, has an outfit that's always the same, is offensive to many, he still takes the NO this or NO that part seriously and moderates his community well.

It's not necessary, but it could be a good practice to respect a general Social Pledge